Copyright policy

John Benjamins Publishing Co.'s licensing policy promotes the facilitation of the exchange of scientific information in accordance with STM permission guidelines. We pursue a fair treatment of requests according to common practice.

It is up to the publisher's discretion to grant permission in each individual case and to establish the fee. Whenever the publisher is the copyright owner you must obtain written permission from us to distribute your work, either free of charge or at a fee, and also the original author's permission.

Copyright information

It is usually the original publisher of a work who holds the copyright. In particular cases, i.e. anthologies, covers, illustrations, diagrams or graphics, we may not be the copyright holder of the extract or work you wish to use. Please check the preliminary pages in our publications for specific mention of the copyright holder before contacting us.

If you are uncertain about the publisher of a book, you should check with the Library of Congress or Whitaker.

Permission fees

John Benjamins Publishing Co. grants permission without charge for the reproduction in another work or photocopying of a short prose extract (less than 400 words), a single figure or a single table, in which it holds the rights. In this case we still require you to submit a permission request for written permission. A fee applies to the reproduction of all other material.

Permission to reproduce our material may be withheld when it concerns a very substantial portion of the book; for instance if the entire book is relevant for the course in question. In such cases the book can be adopted for classroom use and there is no justification to grant photocopying rights.

Permission for authors

In certain circumstances, permission is not required for authors who wish to reuse original material they have written for a John Benjamins publication. The subsequent use is on condition that full acknowledgement of the original publication (provided the original work has been published) and copyright notice is given.

Authors can find more information on their rights on our Rights Policy page.

Networking requests

John Benjamins Publishing Co. can issue licenses to educational institutions to enable them to make parts of our publications available to students and staff via a secure Intranet for teaching purposes for a specific time period (i.e. duration of a course). The same fees apply for digitization as for reproductions and photocopying and is calculated on a 'per student' basis. In certain circumstances a flat fee may apply.


All permissions are for one time use only and on condition that a full acknowledgement of and reference to the prior publications and copyright-owner will be given. The acknowledgement line should state the following information:

From/based on "article title". In Editor, Book Title, Year of publ., pp. Reprinted with kind permission from John Benjamins Publishing Company, Amsterdam/Philadelphia. [].

Foreign Rights

John Benjamins Publishing Co. grants world wide translation and local market licenses (in full or part) in any world language. In certain cases rights might be withheld. If you have an interest in a specific title please contact the rights & permissions department to check if rights are available. Academics and translators who want to have a work translated are advised to contact a local publisher.

Submitting a form

Submit a request by completing the permission request form and sending it to us by email or post. Please provide as much detail as possible on the form.

Take note that this form is only an initial request and it does not imply automatic permission. John Benjamins Publishing Co. reserves the right to review each case individually.

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